About Us

Our passion­ is for God, family, friendships and creating beauty in the world around us.

Lisa and I (Ralph) are grateful for the opportunity to work together and to build a product we can be proud of.  We have spent innumerable hours learning from artisans, honing the craft of woodworking, traveling across the country, visiting craft shows – all to bring us to the inception of The Timber Knot. All we have seen and learned melds together into each creation.

The Timber Knot gives us the unique ability to combine art with functionality in every piece we create.  We rely on traditional wood-working craftsmanship while including modern tools and techniques.

Each piece of wood that comes into our shop has undergone furniture quality cure time and is allowed to acclimate to our shop environment – for humidity and temperature – before a tool is applied.

When ready, the first step is usually to flatten both sides of the wood on the leveling table.  I never tire of seeing what beauty lies just underneath the weathered surface of the wood – much like the big reveal of an art exhibit.  My job then is to accent, or highlight, the natural beauty of the grain, cracks and markings and let them lead me into the direction each piece should take, including epoxy resin fills (river tables), natural wood, surface finishes and so on.

The Process of Yesteryear, Today

Why do tables built 100 years ago still stand sturdy today? It’s the process of the craftsmanship.